About Us

Kashmir Bylines is an online media venture based in Kashmir. We aim to bring you news and views about politics, history, education and culture from the valley and beyond. We aspire to create an alternative space in media by making daily news a running commentary while carrying detailed views, analysis, opinions and reviews as well. With readers’ preferences shifting from print to digital modes, we opt to make your choice our own and be with you on your journey of awareness.

With the mainstream media being corporate-funded and ad-driven, serious readers remain gasping for unbiased news and unprejudiced views. We at Kashmir Bylines commit to remaining objective. We strongly believe in democracy and freedom of expression and thus commit to upholding these values through our work.

This venture will give space not only to accomplished writers, but to those novices as well who dream to be like them one day and put their serious efforts into it. Ours is a humble beginning with no claims of exclusivity.

Meanwhile, we have an appeal: read us, write for us, share our content and send us your feedback.

June 13, 2020